February 2023

The Beatles Autographs from 1965 signed page

Genuine The Beatles Autographs from 1965 signed page. Autograph book containing the signatures of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

The Beatles Autographs from 1965 signed page

The autograph book came from the lady Margaret, who’s father was a local driver for artists playing at the concert hall. The Autographs signed on the 1st August 1965. By John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr for the driver who took them to the venue.

Again, signatures signed by all in black ballpoint pen. Came with letter from the driver’s daughter Margaret (who the autographs are dedicated to in the hand of John). Newspaper cut out from 2nd Aug 1965 telling about the show and showing the driver with The Beatles Autographs. Also in the book are autographs from; Vera Lynn, Tom Jones. Bob Monkhouse, Jimmy Clitheroe, Matt Monroe. Richard Todd, Stubby Kaye. Donald Pleasence. Sammy Bernstein and more.

This set of Autographs sold for £3200 in 2022

Known as the Blackpool Night Out. The 1st August 1965 is when The Beatles made one television appearance in Britain to promote the Help! album. Other shows had to run pre-recorded clips instead.

Blackpool Night Out was made by ABC TV, and filmed at the ABC Theatre in Blackpool. Shown by all but one of the ITV companies across the UK, in a live broadcast between 9.10pm and 10.05pm.

The Beatles performed ‘I Feel Fine’, ‘I’m Down’, ‘Act Naturally’. And ‘Ticket To Ride’, before Paul McCartney sang ‘Yesterday’ on his own. Also, the first time the song performed on British television.

The group closed with ‘Help!’, following John Lennon’s tongue-in-cheek announcement to McCartney: “Thank you Ringo, that was wonderful”.

John Lennon Paul McCartney Document Signed 1975

Genuine John Lennon and Paul McCartney Document Signed 1975. Document signed by the two Beatles John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney Document Signed 1975

Document Signed, “John Lennon” in black pen and “Paul McCartney,” in blue, three pages, 8 x 13, February 11, 1975. Contract between Maclen Music Limited and Jackwill S. A., with the latter agreeing to “procure or provide such services for the purpose of promoting the MML Catalogue of musical compositions and placement with recording artists of musical compositions owned by MML” for a period of four years. Approved and signed at the conclusion in blue ballpoint by McCartney and in black ballpoint by Lennon. Countersigned by J. W. Clement on behalf of Maclen Music and by R. D. A Wills on behalf of Jackwill S. A.

Documents signed by more than one member of The Beatles is rare and highly collectible. They are many dealers who will only purchase signed documentation or cheques as they are genuinely less worried about authenticity. The most sought after being all 4 Beatles alongside Brian Epstein.

This item sold for $15,600 in August 2022

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