John Lennon Typed Letter Signed with Self Portrait Sketch 1974

Genuine John Lennon Typed Letter Signed with Self Portrait Sketch 1974. Signed by The Beatles legend John Lennon in blue marker pen, drawing his self portrait.

John Lennon Typed Letter Signed with Self Portrait Sketch 1974

TLS signed “John,” with added self-portrait sketch, one page, 8.5 x 11, August 1, 1974. Letter sent to Native American guitarist Jesse Ed Davis, in full (spelling and grammar retained): “dear (h)ed, and patti, glad you enjoyed. thanx for offer. I’ll probably have done most of it by the time you get this! elton came and sang (and played great piano/organ) on ‘whatever gets you through the night.’ i used the original take by the way, we never played it as well again. its ruff, but cooks! hes some musician old elton j!

Hand signed Letter from John Lennon

Letters from Lennon remain uncommon and highly sought after. With this example all the more interesting given its various associations to the production. Of his fifth studio album Walls and Bridges. The recipient, Jesse Ed Davis, a member of Taj Mahal’s backing band who performed guitar. On the album and on its 1975 follow-up Rock ‘n’ Roll, also played on albums by George Harrison and Ringo Starr before passing away in 1988. “De nurse” is a reference to May Pang, Lennon’s partner during his fabled ‘Lost Weekend.’ Who sang backup vocals on the album and was an inspiration for the song. ‘Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox),’ which also featured harmony vocals by Elton John autographs.

Who, as Lennon explains, played piano on the album’s second track, ‘Whatever Gets You thru the Night.’ Lennon reflected on the John cameo in an interview with Rolling Stone. ‘Elton sort of popped in on the sessions for Walls and Bridges. Also, sort of zapped in and played the piano and ended up singing ‘Whatever Gets You Thru the Night’ with me. Which was a great shot in the arm. I’d done three quarters of it, ‘Now what do we do?’ Should we put a camel on it or a xylophone? That sort of thing. And he came in and said, ‘Hey, I’ll play some piano!’”

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