George Harrison Signed 45 RPM Record Insert

Authentic George Harrison Signed 45 RPM Record Insert. Cardstock insert from the ‘Faster / Your Love Is Forever’ 45 RPM picture disc, signed in blue felt tip by George Harrison.

George Harrison Signed 45 RPM Record Insert

“Faster” is a song by English rock artist George Harrison from his 1979 studio album of the same name. The song inspired by Harrison’s year away from music in 1977, when he travelled with the Formula One World Championship. As well as his friendship with racing drivers like as Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda. Although the lyrics are applicable to numerous professions. They focus on the difficulty of obtaining and maintaining success in motorsport, particularly Formula 1.

In the United Kingdom, “Faster” was released as George Harrison‘s third single and offered on a picture disc. Featuring the portraits of numerous prior world champion drivers. The single raised funds for Gunnar Nilsson’s cancer research foundation, which he established in 1978. It also honoured Ronnie Peterson, Nilsson’s countryman who died as a result of injuries incurred during the 1978 Italian Grand Prix. Harrison recorded a video for the song. In which he sings the song in the back of a car driven by Stewart.

This item sold for $1700 in January 2023

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